When To Tip Your DJ / KJ

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Many patrons remember to tip wait staff and bartenders but are unaware of why you would tip your KJ (Karaoke Jockey or Host). Your KJ is being paid just like everyone else in the bar, (actually your KJ is probably making less money per night than your bartender or server is) but you should tip him or her if they go out of their way to do things that make your evening fun or more convenient. Even if he or she doesn't have a tip jar visible, you should tip him or her at the end of the night for the following reasons:

  1. Asking the KJ to sing without filling out a song slip. You may not think this is an inconvenience, but it probably is. This is something you should always tip for.

  2. Changing your song at the last minute.

  3. Having the KJ restart a song for you, especially if you ask more than once on the same song.

  4. The KJ purchases new songs that you want to sing. Most quality brand Karaoke CDs cost $20-30 dollars a piece. Your one song request probably cost the karaoke company $20.

  5. Acknowledging your birthday, especially if he/she stops the show and has the bar sing Happy Birthday to you or someone in your group.

  6. When you know you have had too much to drink, and he/she has put up with a lot from you. KJs forgive good tippers from just about anything.

  7. If you arrive later in the evening and the KJ slides you right into the rotation without making you wait until the end of the rotation.

  8. If the KJ moves you up so you can leave. Most KJ's will not do this as it causes resentment among the patrons who are staying and have been waiting, but if he/she will, you should tip them for this. By the way WE NEVER TAKE TIPS TO MOVE ANYONE UP, SO PLEASE DON'T ASK.

  9. If the KJ helps you out when you are in trouble singing a song.

  10. If you ask the KJ to sing a duet with you.

  11. If the KJ lets you sing the last song of the night.

  12. If you are having a private party, and your guests have all had a great time.

  13. If this is in a bar and your group has had a great time.

  14. If the karaoke show ends before the bar closes, and you and your group want to keep singing. (You should never expect your KJ to work for free.) Always make sure the bar and the KJ are up for this before taking up a collection.