Top 10 Things You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ Before Hiring

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More often than not at the initial meeting the unsuspecting bride will interview a DJ not really knowing what to ask. On the day of the wedding she finds that all of the things that she didn’t want to happen happening, all of the songs that she didn’t want the DJ to play were played. She didn’t ask the DJ for some examples of what he/she would do or play if no one was dancing. As a result of not asking she didn’t know that the DJ would be trying to get everybody up to do the Hokey Pokey or Macarena. The bride never asked what type or style the DJ had, so she didn’t know the DJ would be cracking jokes during dinner and reception with guests being the target – with the intentions of “breaking the ice”.

Now the bride is horrified and filled with regret and woe. She wants to blame the DJ for being unprofessional, unprepared, disrespectful, unskilled and inadequate. In all actuality the fault lies with the bride. Had she asked the right questions then she could have been better informed and assured that the DJ would have provided a stellar performance for her, her new husband and all of their friends and family.

Here are the top 10 questions you really should ask when hiring a DJ for your wedding. 1 being the most important and 10 being the least.

  1. After describing your musical vision to the DJ ask to give you an example of music that the DJ thinks you would like or that would be played at your wedding that your guests would like
  2. Is the DJ a member of any professional DJ organizations
  3. What does the DJ wear to weddings
  4. How would the DJ articulate and describe his style
  5. Does the DJ have insurance?
  6. Has the DJ ever worked with any of your other vendors
  7. How many events does the DJ do a day
  8. Has the DJ ever worked at the location where the wedding reception will be held
  9. How long has he/she been DJing
  10. How much are the services

Never let price be the determining factor on whether to go with the DJ or not. That is why it is listed last. If you do, you will be sorry in the end. Also never let your friend or relative be the DJ who offers to do it for free. That is a recipe for failure. Ask those top 10 questions and more than likely you will have a successful musical experience on your wedding day.

Credit for this article goes to Jerry Beck.