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More often than not at the initial meeting the unsuspecting bride will interview a DJ not really knowing what to ask. On the day of the wedding she finds that all of the things that she didn’t want
When hosting karaoke in a bar, restaurant, or other commercial establishment, it's important for the venue owner to pay for a license. Yes, the karaoke host must also have a legal karaoke library.

Karaoke At A Wedding? Yep!

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A seemingly new fad is finding its way into white-clad event halls across the USA - karaoke at a wedding. DJs have apparently witnessed an uptick in requests for their karaoke packages in recent
According to a study of 37 karaoke hosting venues, karaoke has a positive impact on sales figures and customer dwell time. Clearly karaoke popularity continues its upswing over the last few years.
Karaoke should be a great night financially for a bar. It brings people in and by its nature (waiting in line to sing) and keeps people on site longer than the average. It also creates a very loyal