Karaoke At A Wedding? Yep!

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A seemingly new fad is finding its way into white-clad event halls across the USA - karaoke at a wedding.

DJs have apparently witnessed an uptick in requests for their karaoke packages in recent months. A question was posted in the response below on a karaoke user group after a DJ proposed the following question "Who has experience with karaoke at a wedding? I’ve done karaoke. I’ve done weddings. But I’ve never done both at once. I don't know what to charge or how to structure an evening. Help?"

Another user group member chimed in with "To me, it’s a lot of fun. More people involved, the better. Makes it more interesting with a combo of DJ music on the side. We definitely have done it before. Definitely makes you more versatile and marketable for other weddings and events. :)"

As for when karaoke should go live during the wedding reception, DJs had varied responses. Some felt it was a party starter, and should be performed prior to DJing. Others (strongly) suggested that late in the evening, after guests were largely infused with 'liquid courage', was the best time for a little karaoke.

All wedding DJs seem to agree that there's more interest in karaoke at a wedding than ever before — and more importantly - they are offering karaoke as an up-sell package and subsequently generating more revenue for their business. DJs are also reporting referrals specifically because they are offering karaoke packages in their market where other DJs aren’t.

There's a flip side. Some DJs seem to vehemently oppose hosting karaoke at a wedding altogether. Our take is that if they request it, offer it and make more money doing it.

Credit for this article goes to Ryan Sherr of PCDJ.