2023 Going On 2024

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Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a great summer and a great start to harvest. I just noticed that we haven't posted in awhile, so we thought we'd would update you all on how everything has
More often than not at the initial meeting the unsuspecting bride will interview a DJ not really knowing what to ask. On the day of the wedding she finds that all of the things that she didn’t want

Current Karaoke "No Fly" List

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The karaoke "No-Fly" list is a real thing. These original Artists do not want you to sing their songs, and US law dictates that you need explicit permission from the artist to produce and sell their

10 Fun Facts About Karaoke

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We all know karaoke means music, karaoke means singing and above all, karaoke means fun! But do you know what it actually means? Where does it comes from? Where is it practiced the most? What is the
The word from various karaoke manufacturers, including our karaoke subscription partners at PartyTyme, is that Warner/Chappell Music Group has removed a few mega artists from the karaoke exclusion
When hosting karaoke in a bar, restaurant, or other commercial establishment, it's important for the venue owner to pay for a license. Yes, the karaoke host must also have a legal karaoke library.

Karaoke At A Wedding? Yep!

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A seemingly new fad is finding its way into white-clad event halls across the USA - karaoke at a wedding. DJs have apparently witnessed an uptick in requests for their karaoke packages in recent
According to a study of 37 karaoke hosting venues, karaoke has a positive impact on sales figures and customer dwell time. Clearly karaoke popularity continues its upswing over the last few years.
Karaoke should be a great night financially for a bar. It brings people in and by its nature (waiting in line to sing) and keeps people on site longer than the average. It also creates a very loyal
2019 has been an incredible year for us. We've met some amazing people, and partied in some of the coolest venues. 2020 is going to be even greater. As of March 1, 2020, we have started a