Our main mission at Get Some Productions is to fuel connection through song. When COVID-19 swept in quickly, that mission got sidelined as we made the difficult decision to stop our weekend shows

Proper Karaoke Etiquette

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It's important when attending a karaoke event to show proper etiquette. Some singers are experienced, some are intoxicated, but there are also singers that could be singing on stage for the first
Don't use these excuses with the karaoke DJ. Most of them don't work. We thought everyone would get a good laugh at these. Enjoy reading! I need to sing next because I have to leave! (Note: Why

When To Tip Your DJ / KJ

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Many patrons remember to tip wait staff and bartenders but are unaware of why you would tip your KJ (Karaoke Jockey or Host). Your KJ is being paid just like everyone else in the bar, (actually your
Hello everyone. We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I just wanted to write a quick article discussing upcoming changes this year for Get Some Productions. First of all, we have received