Reasons You Should Get To Sing Next

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Don't use these excuses with the karaoke DJ. Most of them don't work. We thought everyone would get a good laugh at these. Enjoy reading!

  1. I need to sing next because I have to leave! (Note: Why should I let you sing out of turn and upset those people who are staying and drinking?)

  2. I have to catch a flight!

  3. I know the owner!

  4. I have to sing next because I have a weak bladder and if I don’t sing right away, I might have an accident on stage.

  5. I need to sing next because my girlfriend is planning on getting pregnant in a little bit and I’d like to be there.

  6. I need to sing next before my buzz hits too hard.

  7. I'm 20 minutes late for work, can I sing next? (Priorities, anyone?)

  8. But I can sing that song so much better!

  9. I’m a friend of _______ and he/she said I can sing next anytime I want.

  10. My girlfriend/boyfriend is awesome - let her/him sing next.

  11. I have to go to work in the morning.

  12. I'm leaving in _______ minutes!

  13. I'm drunk and I don't know what I’m doing.

  14. The bar owner said I could!

  15. I need to sing now so I can start drinking.

  16. My friends dared me and if I don't sing now, I never will.

  17. My manager (talent scout, record executive, etc.) is in the audience and wants to hear me sing.

  18. I spend a lot of money in this bar.

  19. If I don't sing next, I'm going to the bar down the street, and taking all of my friends with me.

  20. My relatives are in town visiting and they're leaving to go back home tomorrow.

  21. I'll give you a tip. (Works every time at or over $20).

  22. I signed up hours ago and you haven't called me up yet.

  23. I signed up last night, and you never called me up then.

  24. I have to go to church tomorrow.

  25. This was requested.

  26. I'm getting old and can't stay up any later.

  27. I'll _______ you in the bathroom if you just let me sing next.

  28. So and so is auditioning for his band here tonight.

  29. I gotta go pick my kids up from the babysitters. (These types are always intoxicated and holding a set of car keys.)