Top Reasons You Should Get To Sing Just One More Last Song

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Don't use these excuses with the karaoke DJ. Most of them don't work. We thought everyone would get a good laugh at these. Enjoy reading!

  • You promised me I would get to sing one more song an hour ago. (And you already did!)
  • Don't you like me anymore?
  • I know the owner!
  • But I still have one more song slip, it's right there.
  • Come on, we promise that this one song, will really be the last, really.
  • I'll give you 20 bucks. (A legitimate reason for just one more last song excuse that ALWAYS works with us.)
  • The bar owner said I could! (But they can't even tell you who the bar owner is.)
  • I spend a lot of money in this bar.
  • I signed up hours ago and you haven’t called me up yet.
  • I'll _______ you in the bathroom if you just let me sing one more song.
  • I'll _______ you in the bathroom, one more time, if you just let me sing one more song.
  • And we thought you were a nice guy.
  • I thought we were your friends.
  • But it's my birthday!