Major Changes Coming To Get Some Productions In 2020

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2019 has been an incredible year for us. We've met some amazing people, and partied in some of the coolest venues. 2020 is going to be even greater.

As of March 1, 2020, we have started a relationship with another provider. As part of this change, we have decided to end our relationship with Party Tyme Karaoke. This change is in no part a reflection on anything that they did. This was based off of the availability and updates of their catalog vs the monthly cost associated with purchasing requested songs that are unavailable with them. This will allow our karaoke catalog to increase from 16,800 songs to upwards of 265,000 songs with monthly updates. We also have acquired a new high-powered laptop to be able to handle higher graphics loads, so there will be more and better effects. As part of this change, physical song books will be retired. In their place, we have partnered with SongbookDB to provide mobile kiosks for submitting singer and music requests. This will be beneficial both in signup hassle for singers as well as mainteneance time for us. When our new system is up and running, singers will be able to choose from over 265,000 songs, and will be able to sign up using either our new mobile kiosks or their own phones. The new digital system will allow us to streamline contests, keep songs in proper rotations, and allows the singer to set everything from their stage names to their song keys to their song histories for quick recall and signups. The new app will also allow us to send out announcements, bar specials, special events, and venue scheduling.

The best part of 2020? Better added equipment. On top of our current top of the line system, our number 1 request for this past year has been for the addition of a monitor speaker so that singers can better hear themselves and their songs. That is now a reality. That new speaker system will go in place starting tonight (December 6, 2019). We are also researching new, taller lighting for better stage effects, along with some props. This will include guitar stands, inflatable guitars, marakas, and much more.