Covid-19 2020 Changes

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Our main mission at Get Some Productions is to fuel connection through song. When COVID-19 swept in quickly, that mission got sidelined as we made the difficult decision to stop our weekend shows ahead of the government mandates. Since then, we have been obsessing over research and developing our plan to keep our guests and staff safe. The way we do future events is changing and we are asking for your cooperation to keep yourself, other guests, hosts, and staff protected.

  • Please return microphones to the DJ after each round for sanitation. They need to sit for at least 3 minutes to dry. Do NOT hand off microphones to the next singer.

  • Please limit no more than 3 singers / 3 microphones per song.

  • Be in good health before coming up to sing. Exhibiting symptoms? Please stay home! We'll be back next week, so don't worry about it.

  • Hand sanitizer and Lysol wipes are available at the DJ booth for your use. You can also grab a bleach rag from the bar, they work just as well!

  • Customers and guests are no longer allowed behind the DJ booth. If you need something, please motion to the DJ. You can talk or make your request outside the bar.

  • Please limit the number of people on the dance floor to no more than 10 people at a time. If the dance floor is full, feel free to dance in the walk-way or in your seat.

  • Please use the provided tablets or your own cell phones to request your songs or talk to the DJ. The tablets are constantly sanitized and are safer than paper and pen.

  • Please avoid walking around the bar during your song. There are more airborne particles excreted while you sing. Please try to stay around the singer's monitor.

Please note that as of now, many of these changes (but not all) will become permanent. We are constantly watching for recommendations and changes, and will adjust accordingly as new information and recommendations are received. If you are unclear about a policy or have any input, please ask your DJ or the bartender. Thanks!